We need your help.

California families and birth professionals are diverse, and we are seeking to faithfully and humbly center their diverse experiences. The social media platforms of DAECC will be highlighting the stories of the families we serve, in addition to the experiences of birth professionals, in an effort to raise awareness.

Do you have a story to share as a birth worker?


How has this season changed your work or your awareness of birth equity issues? 


How has the pandemic affected your non-profit work and the communities which you serve?

Do you have photos of your work in action?


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If you have navigated pregnancy or birth with the in-person support of a doula prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, legislators need to hear your voice!

How was your doula essential to the quality of care you received?


What value did your doula bring to your birth experience?

If you have been pregnant or given birth during the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to hear from you.

How has this season of restricted support affected you?

What challenges have you overcome? What losses have you experienced? What do you want the world to hear? 

Birth Professionals

Doula Clients

Families with Covid-Era
Birth Experience

Submit a short video, a written statement, a poem, or piece of personal artwork. Content may be submitted in any language. Photos are welcome with the permission of each pictured individual and the photographer. Tag us (@DoulasAreEssential) on Instagram, email us, or use the form below.